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I see my role at SL-Complete Limited as being a facilitator, an orchestrator, in building and maintaining a  positive, rewarding and sustainable culture that can support all of our team in their goals to provide high-quality products and services to their clients.

I know that each and everyone in our team makes a difference to our clients because we ensure they are well trained, ethical with strong values and they work in a firm that believes that you can achieve what you like by being decent, honest, and working hard to be one step ahead.

In my many years in the IT Services sector, I have seen behavior from others that has baffled me,  shocked me, and helped me to shape the future of the company in a positive way. We now know what behavior would not be acceptable in our firm.

The core reason that SL-Complete Limited was set up by myself, is my ingrained belief that our relationships with our client’s is privileged and must not be taken for granted. All of our team are expected  to accept and apply the ethos that:

“Of any client request, we shall make every effort possible, to understand and facilitate, with accuracy,  speed and diligence” the best-in-class service and result, that    I could expect myself should I be in their position”.

I ensure personally, my team has extensive training, mentoring, and support especially in their first 12  months of service with us. I understand that each and every one of them is pivotal to the relationship and link between our clients and us.

SL-Complete Limited is and always will be a “people first” company and  I want to ensure everyone in the team has all the resources they need and is happy, well trained, and can provide an immense benefit to our clients and each other. I hope that you will take time to get to know the team at SL-Complete Limited and I am sure you will feel you’re part of the “family” if you do. I know I am biased but my company has been borne out of blood, sweat, and tears and will continue to gain strength from all its experience, past, present, and future.

Sanjay Lakhani

Sanjay H. Lakhani

SL-Complete Limited.

Our Story

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Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of professionals, each unique individual experience paired with the drive to find the most fitting way to work with your company.

where We Started

It all started with a personal passion for tech, which has lead to many years of collaboration with companies from all different walks of life.

We literally started in a converted garage office, and have since moved twice, each time to larger offices and catering for our growth and potential. 

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Where We Are going

We want to continue optimising the bespoke nature of the support we offer. 

Each year brings on new challenges and new clients to meet and collaborate with.  

We wouldn’t have it any other way!  

The way of delivering technology and the company’s individual requirements is a moving feat; and our job is moving with this and continuing to offer the best direction and support that we always can. 

Our Values

Timing Is Everything

We understand that each client has different priorities and needs, and their customers requirements are all different too. We will make sure IT provision is well managed and delivered in hand with their internal team's.

Deliver With Precision

Being precise in our approach is what allows us to hold a portfolio of clients who seek our services year after year. Being consistent in tandem with this is no easy task and we pride ourselves in making sure it happens each and every time.

Expert Knowledge & Results

Our expert team of Professionals allows us to hone in on a company's specific needs always with an ethical, honest, tried and tested approach.

Building Lasting Relationships

Our longest lasting clients have been with us from the start, that’s over 20 years!

Communication Is Key

We provide each client with a dedicated account manager, ensuring efficient and timely communication.

Each Client Is Invaluable

We value each and every one of our clients and are always excited to learn about how tech is optimising the work they do.

We Are Always Changing & Growing

Our team is constantly growing and adapting to every hurdle that comes our way. Our only constants are Change and Growth.

Safe Hands

SL-Complete Limited prides itself in having a fantastic credit rating, not only balancing our books but ensuring a secure foundation for growth and enablement of any sized projects or requirements clients may put our way. We work to very high-quality standards and no stone is left unturned when it comes to longevity and security for our team, our clients and suppliers.